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Swimming Pool and Spa

The luxurious Hotel van Oranje is located in the centre of Noordwijk, midway along the chic promenade, and only a 2 minute walk from the Flying Pig Beach hostel.  The excellent health club situated below the Hotel van Oranje is open from 8am to 11pm everyday, and non-members are welcome to use the facilities at a competitive rate. The health club offers a multitude of swim, spa, and beauty amenities, and the reassuringly professional staff are always on hand should you care for that little something extra. 

So spend a few hours, or even the entire day pampering yourself inside the Hotel van Oranje health club, it is the perfect environment in which to replenish your energy levels, and ease your body and mind into a state of deep relaxation.

Swimming and spa Near The Flying Pig Beach Hostel

The health club is loosely styled around bathing themes that were prevalent in roman times.  Subtle Romanesque paintings adorn the walls, and roman arches and pillars arc over the doorway that opens into the pool area.  The modern 30 metre sub tropical swimming pool has a fully integrated wave machine that generates waves of up to 1 metre in height every few hours.  I also counted at least two high powered water fountains that are set into the pool walls.  Every so often these fountains canon out jets of high powered h20; strong enough to knock the hell out of anything that happens to come into contact with it.  When the water canons are firing the safest option is to retreat to the pool side bar.  It won’t be a wasted visit; you can order one of the many healthy fruit drinksthat are freshly squeezed throughout the day.

The aqua sauna is located at the rear of the pool building, and is easily accessed via a flight of stairs.  The aqua sauna continues the roman theme of the health club, but with increased vigour.  In the shower areas roman pillars are pilled high with sumptuous bath salts, and the mist garden is crammed with so much humidity and water vapour that the ‘five good emperors of Rome’ would have been proud to relax there.  Nearby the heat intensive steam room is clad in wall to ceiling mirrors to reflect the hundreds of tiny optical lights that embellish the ceiling – an effect that mimics a starlit night sky.

There are two impressively large saunas – the first set at 80 degrees, and the second set at 90 degrees.  You can also take a plunge in the bespoke design cold pool and take a dip in the whirlpool bath.  If you need to work on your tan then the solarium and rapid tan machines can roast you ten shades darker within minutes!  If all this sounds exhausting do not fear, you can always lock yourself into one of the relaxation rooms or, for an extra charge, arrange a shiatsu massage session with a professional masseuse.

On Sunday evenings the pool is reserved exclusively for natural swimming, so why not grab your favourite Flying Pig guest and invite them for a naked swim.    However, before you walk into the pool area wearing only a smile, do make sure that it is Sunday! Indeed.

The Hotel van Oranje also operates a beauty centre called the ‘WellnessCentre’.   The Wellness is open for 8 hours a day, and till late on Friday.  The Wellness staff work exclusively with La Prairie, Lancaster and Rene Furterer skin treatment products.  
So why not go for a swim and sauna and then arrange a skin treatment session at the wellness centre; it’s the ideal way to begin ironing out those self induced skin imperfections!

Spa Luxurey in NoordwijkSwimming and sauna @ the beach Health and wellbeing with the Flying Pig Beach Hostel

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