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A coffeeshop is a an establishment where the sale of weed and hash for personal use is tolerated by the local authoritiesCoffeeshops are more common in the Netherlands than anywhere else in the world.  In the Netherlands the sale of weed and hash, although illegal, is not punished, and the law not enforced, so long as consumers are not in possesion of more than 5grams.  Most coffeeshops also sell hash cakes, hot and cold drinks, and snacks.
There are ten or so coffeeshops dotted around the centre of Leiden and they are all of similarly excellent standard.  The weed and hash they sell is generally as good as, and cheaper, than any of the puff you can buy in Amsterdam.
It is important to note that the opening hours of Leiden'scoffeeshops are restricted to 4 pm - 10 pm.
After you have purchased your weed or hash from Leiden, feel free to head back to the Beach Hostel and toke away inside the dedicated smoking room, or relax outside on the open-air terrace.  The Beach Hostel terrace stays open late into the evening, and The Beach Hostel smoking room is open until the Surf Bar closes.

Located in the very centre of The Randstad, the city of Leiden is a very beautiful city and popular amongst students. Leiden has the most historical buildings of Holland and is definatily worth a visit. It has one of the oldest and best universities in holland and therefore a busy student nightlife, loads of cheap restaurants and a very good collections of coffee shops.


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